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About Us

Prophetic Tube

Welcome to Prophetic Tube brought to you by Shepherd Bushiri Ministries


Prophetic Tube is a Prophetic Christian video sharing website operated by Shepherd Bushiri Ministries. Prophetic Tube hosts numerous videos produced by Prophetic Channel showcasing numerous miracles, deliverance and prophetic wonders done by God through His servants prophet and prophetess Bushiri.


We invite you to visit the site often to be encouraged in your faith with daily devotionals, worship, miracles and prophetic wonders signifying that God is Alive and that God is Still Speaking Today. We also encourage you to upload your own videos to share with our prophetic community of viewers your testimony of what God has done in your life through this ministry also to upload any prayer requests you might have and who knows prophet or prophetess Bushiri might just prophecy to you using the same medium by replying to you video.



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